kennel Belegerea


I live with my husband and animals at Juupajoki, Korkeakoski, in a "small" red house.

I am a native of Helsinki, but I love countryside <3
The first dog came to our family when I was in primary school, long-haired collie Miska (Misan´s Almond Eye).
We almost always had cats.
Maybe that start my love for animals <3

I have had all kinds of animals:
guinea pigs, mice, rats, chinchillas, hamsters.
Cats, turtles, geckos, scorpions, frog.

The first dogs I bred, were German shepherds, I owned Blondi (Sensen Mann Blondi) and Camaro (Metelimäen Camaro). I had been looking for the third one, but I hadn't found it.
So I decided to combine these two wonderful, good-natured and healthy structures. Blondi got four puppies, one of them left for us, Hero (Cherokee).

In the fall of 2001, we moved here to my husband's home town.
For some time I had been thinking of a small dog. I haved seen at my friends Russian toyterrier, the name was still a moscow dwarf dog at that time. That's not easy to find at that time, I saw at Aamulehti that a 3-year-old bitch is looking for an home.
We had BonBon (Ponochka Iz Chistogo Istoka) the same day <3
Oh, great dog, in a small package.
Hunger grows while eating or how to say it .....
Next came Timppa (Vogerland Timoshka) and next, Tassa (Dasha).....

My friends house I got to know a charming Tibetan spaniel who haved a litter. I loved the little little pepper girl, so we got our first Tibetan Baby (Candymoon Beauty Box).
How that little fur ball took my heart <3
A few years later, I noticed that there were puppies for a breeder who I knew through Russian Toys, and so did Gizmo (Miliis Baltazar-San)
Unbelievable what kind of Tibetan Spaniels are, words are not enough to describe them <3

Indeed, my breeding started with a German Shepherds, then we have had Tibbies and Toys.
My breeding name was awarded in 2013, I attended the breeder's course years ago, but I could not decide what I would like my kennel to be named.
My breeding is really small, at home. Dogs live as dear family members.

My intention is to bred breed standard Tibetan Spaniels and Russian Toys, as family members, for exhibition, for hobbies.

kennel Belegerea